The Crow and the Berry grace our logo for this reason: They are partners.

At first glance the look like enemies. After all, the one eats the other. But without the crow, the bush could not multiply and spread. So it chooses to partner with the misunderstood bird by creating delicious fruits to be transported far and wide, farther than it ever could alone.

So too we at Crow & Berry Land Management realize we can only do so much alone. That is why we partner with all sorts of groups and individuals to accomplish common goals. Our coalition includes anyone determined to create a better world, whether their office is in a shoestring non-profit, the Capitol or a tractor cab.

Trees as part of Regenerative Agriculture

We believe in the power of good practices implemented by thoughtful farmers to revitalize large swaths of land across the world. From cover cropping to alley cropping, there are countless valuable practices that need to gain traction in years to come. Our job at Crow & Berry is to research, trial, and learn how best to integrate trees with active pastures for profit and conservation, and advance that through creative education and partnerships. 

We're committed to helping farmers add trees in such a way that they increase profits, resiliency, and their positive impact on the land.


Take Your Grazing Up a Level