Make your farm stronger
The Story of Our Name



The Crow and the Berry grace our logo for this reason: They are partners.

At first glance the look like enemies. After all, the one eats the other. But without the crow, the bush could not multiply and spread. So it chooses to partner with the misunderstood bird by creating delicious fruits to be transported far and wide, farther than it ever could alone.

So too we at Crow & Berry Land Management realize we can only do so much alone. That is why we partner with all sorts of groups and individuals to accomplish common goals. Our coalition includes anyone determined to create a better world, whether their office is in a shoestring non-profit, the Capitol or a tractor cab.

Land Ethic

We believe we are responsible for giving our children a gift of land that is better than when we found it, not a liability that is theirs to clean up. If you are reading this, you likely agree. We listen intently to the goals of each landowner to determine how we will create conservation measures that inspire one to love their land all the more. We hope our actions will create abundant trout and happy songbirds, trophy deer and elderberry pies.


Active Stewardship

We are firm believers that the soil, plants and animals can be healthier and more vibrant with thoughtful management than if we simply walk away. We know that human thriving is ultimately linked to the health of our land, not the daily movements of Wall Street. We are committed to creating a thriving ecology that supports a thriving economy, so that more wise hands can get on the ground, stewarding the land we've been entrusted.